Are you in a dilemma about buying used auto parts or ordering new components? Sometimes your dealer may ask for a week for the parts you need to reach them, leaving you helpless and stranded. There is a checklist of parts you should never use.  These items are virtually useless when second hand and you would be foolish to consider them.  It is never OK to buy used airbags and the air bag sensors, air filter, battery, ball joints, bearings and anything to do with your braking system. Do not attempt to install a used catalytic converter, clutch disc, cooling fan switch or cylinder sleeves. Distributor caps, fuel lines, fuses, gaskets and head studs should be new and never used. Buying used headlights is pretty silly. Installing a used ignition system (coil, condenser etc.), MAF, mufflers, valves, piston rings, tires, thermostats, wheel bearings and cylinders are not a good idea.

When you are diagnosing the problem with your car ask the technician for his ideas. If you trust his judgment you can buy the second-hand parts. There are a large number of used auto parts dealers, who salvage components from vehicles, recondition them and sell them. Some of the more reputable dealerships will offer a return policy if you are not entirely happy with the parts. The array of recycled car parts at these salvage yards is incredible! The better dealerships may allow you to inspect the items you may want to purchase and offer a limited warranty on them. These auto recyclers, can cater to most of your needs as they have inventories of the latest and older models. The better second-hand car dealerships and car recyclers have online inventories from which you can systematically select the components you may require. No need to visit the junkyard, just search online.

Why is purchasing used auto parts a good idea? Two reasons : It saves money and is environmentally responsible.

  1. Recycling results in the saving of resources and oil required to make new components. Studies have shown that purchasing used parts may save 80 million barrels of oil annually which would have been required to make new components.
  2. Choosing used auto parts reduces the burden on landfills
  3. Recycling provides enough steel from end of life vehicles to make 13 million new vehicles
  4. Auto recyclers process about 10 million vehicles a year recovering millions of tons of steel, non-ferrous metals etc.

If you want to save money and be environmentally responsible, buy used auto parts.